Aleksandra Volovikova

Aleksandra Volovikova

The choice of Belarus Republic Festival of fashion and photography "Fashion Mil-Melnica mody".

Minsk Institute of Management. Speciality jurist 6 years

Being a designer was always my dream. The dream was to create the world around me and to be able to transfer it through the clothes. I hope that people would want to wear my clothes and that my designs will bring them what they lack in life: beauty, confidence, style and joy. Therefore, my main inspiration is people and specifically, their way to reveal their character through clothes. I love to create something unique, hence I chose this profession as it brings me pleasure. 

My current collection is about the symbiosis of nature, world and humanity. The inspiration came from nature itself and the role it plays in humans’ life. The nature is powerful, however, it provides us with food, air, fire, water, earth and it helps us to see life as it is. Nature is the truth. It is the beginning of everything. It can take various forms and states, and despite the hindrances, adapt to various objects. Nature always repels artificial and unnatural. 

I anticipate that fast fashion will slowly disappear together with unbridled consumption and that a deliberate one will prevail. Designers, hopefully, will strive for quality and use materials that will not negatively affect the environment. 

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