Fidan Sadig

Fidan Sadig
The choice of the M.O.S.T., the leading lifestyle Azerbaijan edition.

In 2010 I graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy with a major of Applied Science. Then I took a short course at Central Saint Martins in Illustration and received my Master’s Degree from Florence Institute of Design International, Italy.

The idea of creating my own brand was always there, but I knew I needed some crazy experience and a proper financial backing to make it right. By 30 I felt like enough has been earned and learned during 6 years of various projects in print, entertainment, user experience and etc. I felt I was ready to throw myself into this risky affair. And so, December 15, 2018 MA MÈRE M'A DIT NON has been officially launched.

Fashion encapsulates everything that I am interested in. It can be contextual, it is a highly intellectual area to work in, as I can translate my views on aesthetics and deliver my message in a way that can become a part of someone else’s life. It is math, it is an art and it is business and that’s what makes it beautiful.

My current collection is about the unapologetic view on hardy believable, crazy, at times even incompatible influences I was under being born in 1988 Azerbaijan.

Living in the ex-USSR country with a European attitude and Muslim heart lead me to who I am today and how I perceive fashion.

The future of fashion is heavily about tech. I see it as both digital transformation and the discovery of new fabrics and ways of production.

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