Ahmed Nabiyev

Ahmed Nabiyev

The choice of The M.O.S.T., the leading luxury lifestyle Azerbaijan edition.

Azerbaijan State Academy of Art Oil painting; Major -Theater stage and costumes, 4 years

My education at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Art with the major of the theatre stage and consume helped me to identify my true passion. I have realized that I want to help people to find selves through the outwards. I have lots of ideas to implement and feel that I belong to this industry. I was lucky to be a part of very diverse projects, theatres, exhibitions and workshop organizations. One of the brightest projects for me was collaboration work with the designer from Kazakhstan on the “PLASTIC POSITIVE” collection for which I created exclusive prints. The another great project I had been involved, was in the Jean Cocteau theatre “Le bel indifférent”.

The inspiration for my collection came from the autobiography book Days in the Caucasus, written by French author Banine. After the power passed to the Bolsheviks in 1920, her family was forced to leave Azerbaijan. The first place of emigration was Turkey and later in 1924, she moved to Paris. Therefore, my collection “Disconnect” reflects an image that shows a deep dissonance between two parallels: the image of what the world should look like and the reality the one is forced to meet. In order to create and communicate the contrast that was observed among the heroes of Days in the Caucasus, I used an ambivalent texture of the fabrics and metallic accessories like zippers and buckles. 

I anticipate unavoidable alternations in the fashion industry in the nearest future. The current events will most definitely urge people to change their concept of what is called ‘fashion’. In particular, the so-called ‘fast fashion’ will not be as much popular as it is nowadays. Hopefully, it will be displaced by more conscious ideas that will inherit the core values of new trends, styles and art. 

My professional goal is to create a unique brand, which would be a source of inspiration for people. Also, since I and my work are the representation of my home country, my culture my background, I want to do my best to show people that youth in Azerbaijan has something profound and interesting to share with this world. 

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