Anita Leina

Anita Leina

Latvia, 2nd place in Meringue fashion contest 2019.

Art Academy of Latvia. Master’s degree in Fashion design, six years.

As a professional wakeboarder and surfer in the past, I have realized that there is a niche that could be easily filled up by me as the fashion designer, what is my current career path. Extreme sports, athletes and nature are the three main things that inspire me. Athletes are growing in numbers and so is their need for specialized clothing not only for the sports but for everyday use too. By combining wakeboard and fashion I want to create a subculture with its own design elements.

In my designs, I try to include the elements that resemble wakeboard, either it’s a handle or a rope. I am proud that my clothes fit both casual and classy, yet they are functional, comfortable and stylish. My current collection was inspired by my feelings, adventures and what I have observed from the surfers. The portrait of the collection is an introverted surfer, the one who is usually a watcher at rave parties. From far away the silhouettes of the garments seem ordinary, but as soon as the observer approaches, unseen textures begin to appear, creating a surprise optical illusion. Since the Latvian surfing season is cold and windy, my collection consists of warm and cosy items, including batik coats and even bathmat-like materials. “Whirly Fly” is a perfect representation of a vagabond surfer, who likes to bring the feeling of home anywhere he goes.

Besides, with my collection, I want to push people to get out of their comfort zone and view things out of the box. Life is too short to waste it for routine, start doing things you have always wanted. Therefore, one of my goals is to expand my brand across Europe in the biggest wake parks, where each store will be personalized specifically for the location, climate, etc.

I believe that fashion will exist as long as humans since clothing is an integral part of our existence. However, I hope that the future of fashion is minimalistic, and clothing is made from natural, recycled materials aiming to preserve our nature and its resources.

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