Annika Kiidron-Roomets

Annika Kiidron-Roomets

Estonia, the choice of Estonian Fashion Festival 2020.

Estonian Academy of Arts, masters degree.

This year I have completed my master degree at Estonian Academy of Art.  Now I’m looking for opportunities to gain hands-on experience at one of the established fashion houses, which employs the sustainable methods, techniques and processes. I want to learn more how to become truly sustainable in fashion design. One day in the future I will have my own brand, brand that would be recognized for its handicraft techniques, artistic uniqueness and as the must for its sustainability. My prototype of food growing and oxygen producing backpack, made out of old packaging, were recognized by Elle Japan as the example of future changing trend. Thanks GOD!, the fashion is already on a track for changes. But still we need even more transparency, sustainability, honesty and willpower to understand it is not the quantity that matters.

I hope, that each garment I create, will be valued for personal narrative and impeccable quality, and will make my clients to understand that it is not the size of their wardrobe that actually matters. Furthermore with my work I aspire to preserve the traditional handicraft techniques, not let them to fade in history.

“Give me my fairytale” is my third collection, it is an ode to handicraft. This collection also has the rescue mission to revive forgotten and suspended pieces of textile art, to give them a new chance for life. The garments of my collection is full of dreams. Each uniquely imperfect, put together they become whole. Reuse and appreciative recycling are terms that have become common today.

For sure I could say that there are many talented young designers in Estonia. I feel very big responsibility to put my best efforts and to show how crazy in a good sense, conceptually deep and sustainable Estonian fashion is.

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