Boryana Vatova

Boryana Vatova

Bulgaria, 1st place winner of IDEAMODA young designers contest 2019.

New Bulgarian University, Master degree of Fashion, 4 years for bachelor and 2 years for Master



Since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by my grandmother’s crafting skills. I admired her work and I believe that she was my main influence for choosing fashion as my profession. I have always dreamt about leaving something behind, like a mark of my work, of my existence. 

To some extent, I have already accomplished that, as I had an opportunity to work with such designers like Leon Emanuel Blank, Els Loesber, Paul Magi, Janet Cook Hyannis. Also, I am very proud of being chosen as a Head Designer for Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Moreover, I was a director of the fashion design department in Nigeria “Learn and Work” as a part of European vocational academy for Fashion. 

My collection addresses the clash between the Cold War and space. With my collection, I try to highlight a person’s energy and help to stand out in a crowd. I believe that the person owns the clothes, not the other way around. If a woman walks in wearing my pieces I want her to be noticed first and then the garments. 

The future of the fashion industry was inevitability catastrophic. However, this crisis might have a better resolution due to the events happening in 2020. I hope that we have learned some lessons and will eventually begin to value hand-made, naturally sourced items and the quality work that will have a longer lifespan. 

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