Dóra Hegedűs

Dóra Hegedűs

Hungary, the choice of Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency 2020.

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest BA Textile Design (3 years) MA Fashion and Textile Design (3 years)

As a Hungarian youth, I am proud to represent my country and especially its creative sector. With my work, I am trying to show that Hungarian designers are open-minded and diverse in what we create. I believe that the future of fashion lays in our hands and with my work, I strive to make more long-lasting and unique pieces. Moreover, the current crisis in the fashion industry can only be resolved by the reduction of overproduction and overconsumption. Hopefully, the pandemic might change the way we consume nowadays and we will respect our environment much more. 

I have Bachelor degree in Textile Design and Master degree in Fashion and Textile Design. Before starting my own brand I worked as a production coordinator for a couple of Hungarian brands (Tomcsanyi  and BP Clothing). Certainly I’m taking a great pride and satisfaction in establishing my brand DÜSK Budapest. I’m also proud of being in top 10 of the Hungarian fashion contest Gombold Újra in 2016 and among 30 most promising fashion designers in Hungary by choice of Forbes Magazine in 2017.

The infinite source of my inspiration is my grandma, not only because she worked in the Industry, but also her amazing stories  from the era of 60s in Eastern Bloc were very inspiring.

Personally, as a designer, I aim to combine fashion and film, as these are two industries that I am the most passionate about. My previous work experience in the film industry influenced my current Lovers on the Run collection. The main inspiration was cult films including outlaw romance stories of lovebirds ‘on the run’. The extravagant shapes and surreal patterns of each garment were inspired by the atmosphere of Natural Born Killers, True Romance or Wild at Heart. The main idea was to merge the world of the rebellious rock stars with the Easter European subcultures of the 90s, hence, to blur the line between punk and rave cultures.

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