Kateryna Hella

Kateryna Hella

1st place winner of “Look into the future” national young designers contest, Ukraine.

Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts,
Masters degree / Clothes design (2012-2018).
Summer Course in Fashion Marketing, at IED (2019)

I love fashion because it is linked to everything: arts, science, culture, history, etc. It is a creative industry that constantly evolves and reflects upon everything that is happening in the world. In my opinion, a fashion designer, like a film director, can create an entire universe with its own characters, decorations and stories. 

My current collection History Lessons is about the evolution of women’s costume, women’s role in society and their rights. The whole idea is based on the concept of a woman’s transition from a ‘decorative object’ into an active subject. Outfit # 5 demonstrates that nowadays a person’s interest and views are becoming some sort of manifesto. We can finally express ourselves in any way we like with help of clothes and the influence of the manufacturing process. 

I believe in hard work and luck, which led me to win Epson Digital Fashion twice in 2018 and 2019 and this year I have shared 1st place at “Look Into The Future” national contest with Yelizaveta and Vlad. Also, in the past, I worked as a personal assistant for a mass-market designer, later as a 2D designer in the shoe sole manufacture and I freelanced as a graphic designer. Currently, I am planning collaborations to develop original designs for gloves and handbags brands. My team and I have conducted workshops and written publications about sustainable fashion. In future, I aim to create recognizable timeless garments worthy of the LVMH Prize, which will eventually become a part of fashion history.

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