Masa Brna

Masa Brna

The choice of Ljubljana Fashion Week, Slovenia.

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering,
Department of Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design, 4 years

Fashion design was always my biggest passion, because  it allows you to express yourself in different ways: to communicate important messages, feelings and thoughts. I as a designer can do all of the above though the garments I create. I have always wanted to become a part of the fashion industry, to be able to learn from others and create visual forms using different materials and techniques. I studied Textiles, Graphic Arts and Design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. I had an opportunity to work at the backstage of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Slovenia and gain hands on experience in the field. The photos of one of my collections were featured in Boys by Girl, London based magazine.

The inspiration for the current collection came after the in-depth research into multifunctional clothing for modern, young seeking adrenaline travelers and was produced in collaboration with a local business Odeja. They provided me with waste scraps from the production of quilts. Each piece of clothing is designed to offer out-and-out protection from the cold. The garments are innovative and multifunctional, they can be transformed into a backpack, sleeping bag or hammock with just a few grips.

I believe that the future of fashion is sustainable, that the garments will become multifunctional and well-made, so their lifespan can be extended.

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