Mira Matchina

Mira Matchina

The 1st place winner, of ZGeneration YDC 2020, Moldova.

Odessa Art and Theatre College

I love to create. Designing is my air, I cannot breathe without it! I enjoy preserving forgotten roots and traditions, giving them freshness and a new life. My inspiration also comes from the small things that seem ordinary to others. For example, if a leaf falls, I perceive it as a message from the Higher Spirit. For me, the leaf with its lifelines and the raindrops serves as an inspiration, and as a result, a dress with singing birds will appear.  But it is not enough just to have an inspiration, I believe in hard work and for me, there are always extra five minutes in my twenty-four-hours. 

I had an opportunity to work as a costume designer for Ukrainian X-Factor and Ukraine Got Talent. Also, I have worked as a stylist for Dancing with the Stars, costume designer for a variety of films and TV series, such as Ambulance, This is me and Five years and one day. So far, my biggest dream is to work with Bjork. My cherished dream is my own exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the V&A Museum. I hope, one day, the guests of Met Gala will wear my designs. I can’t describe how much I love my vocation and the call of creativity is my strongest forte.

My costumes were inspired by the Cottingley fairies and the story of two girls who deceived the world. The whole collection is dedicated to magical creatures, who are living in abandoned buildings, circuses and libraries. In the modern world, we are so pragmatic that we risk with our actions not just to drown Venice, depriving the humanity of the masterpieces of art and architecture; but also indiscriminately send the entire magical world into oblivion. The collection is created exclusively from materials that are hand-painted. The abundance of embroidery and colour, the scattering of beads and weaving - collectively create a continuous narrative pattern. Moreover, a light veil over models’ faces separates our world from the fantasy world. With my collection, I strive to ask inevitable questions, like what will be our new future? Will it be the extinction of us and the replacement by an artificial, illusory reality? Plastic industrial paradise? Or will we return to our origins? 

Personally, I think that the crisis times are coming. All of us are currently drifting towards depressing unknown. The most important thing now is to stop what we are doing and focus on ourselves. From the experience of past centuries, it is clear that the manifestation of civic position returned to fashion antiquity. Looking back at the Great Depression, the crisis deprived clothes of colour. Same might happen to us, we definitely will not wear what we are wearing now, but at the same time, it might lead to interesting technical and scientific fashion experiments.