Nikita Vedernikov

Nikita Vedernikov
The choice of Belarus Republic Festival of fashion and photography "Fashion Mil-Melnica mody".

I believe that clothes can serve as a visual language. Every little thing tells a story. Fashion allows you to express your inner state and to convey your ideas in the form of clothes. Hence I chose tailoring and seamstressing as my speciality at the Brest State College of Service Sector.

I am proud that I am able to work with historical heritage. Through modifying and cultivating a new visual language I preserve the old traditions. Therefore, my collection reflects the memories of my grandmother’s ‘dacha’. Through the use of different vintage materials together with authentic crafts, such as glazed ceramics, felting, embroidery and printing, I aim to express the warm memories that are devoted to the entire collection. 

My perception of the future of fashion is clothes personalization that will eventually become a definite statement. I hope that I will be able to help with this and also preserve and increase cultural heritage in the fashion industry.

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