Saimonas Tartenis

Saimonas Tartenis

Lithuania, the winner of Mados Infekcija 2019.

1.Alytus school of Art; Design
2.Collage of West Anglia: Fashion Clothing and Textiles
3.UAL BA (Hons) London Collage of Fashion: Fashion Design Technology: menswear

I perceive fashion as art and designers as creators. I aim to inspire people to be creative and express themselves through fashion and art. There is a tendency to define people by their look, assuming who they are and how much money they earn. I want to give people an opportunity to dress regardless of  any perceptions, whether it is gender, income or size. In my designs, I strive to blur the line between what is perceived as feminine or masculine but still be able to celebrate body differences. I want to inspire people to be creative, to wear what they like, not to be limited by stereotypes, to express themselves freely.

My collection portrays female suppression. The inspiration came from two female rock & roll bands from different eras: THE RUNWAYS - the first rock & roll band from the ’90s and THE PUSSY RIOT, a well-known Russian feminist punk-rock band. I believe that fashion and politics intertwine with each other and that designers, to some extent, act like politicians. I am delighted that the message of my collection was understood and appreciated.

Studying at Alytus School of Art & Design, then at the College of West Anglia and then graduating from UAL with the major of Fashion Design Technology for menswear helped me to define my creative voice. I am proud that I am able to work with unconventional materials to make new textiles and therefore reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. I believe that the future of fashion is digital, sustainable, gender free and local. I even think that fashion is moving towards being completely digital and perhaps eventually designers will create digital clothing that will not require any physical wardrobes.

Representing my country is extremely important to me. Although I studied in London, I feel the most fulfilled in Lithuanian, where my creativity is at its highest. I believe that the Eastern World will soon offset the Western.