Simeon Atanasov

Simeon Atanasov

Bulgaria, 2nd place at IDEAMODA young designers contest 2019

New Bulgarian University Bachelor’s degree in Fashion

Winning the 2nd place at IDEAMODA young designers contest last year was my first big achievement as a young designer. It motivated me to experiment and push my limits. I get my inspirations from different kind of places. My heart and my mind is set for creating works of art encoded in pieces of clothes.

I’m still a newbie in fashion design. I’m currently studying Fashion and Business Strategies at New Bulgarian University. My professional goal is to establish a unique and recognizable brand associated with innovation, new materials and technologies. It also will be environmentally consciousness brand and responsible for people involved in its production.

Many young designers, like me, are focused on sustainable trends, employing new sustainable technologies and processes and using sustainable materials. I hope it will create the big positive change in the industry. Also I hope that fashion will become a fair-trade industry, while consumers will buy less and choose more wisely.

My current collection, Wacky Races, is inspired by the race cars of 1960s. They manifested the engine power, sports design and beauty. That is why the aim of my collection is to renew that spirit.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to present my collection at the international contest, in a certain way I’m also presenting here my University and my country.  

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