Una Berzina

Una Berzina

Latvia, the 1st place winner of Meringue young fashion designers 2019.

Art Academy of Latvia
Fashion design
Graduated 2019

Being able to communicate the collection’s concept without any explanation is one of the biggest achievements to me. For me, fashion is a way to express creativity and my way of thinking. Through the careful choice of fabrics, silhouettes and details I tell a story. 

My current collection Stories. Part I is the manifesto of my family values through the use of sustainable methods. Latvian essence and identity in approaching the world with reminder of the personal value, to keep in mind the most important things, our roots, traditions, emotional values and personal feelings about the family, helped to shape my collection. 

I hope that the fashion industry will become more sustainable and that I will help with it. In my opinion, the only way to stop the catastrophe is to buy local. If we develop a habit to be more supportive and welcoming to small brands, we can definitely withstand the crisis. 

I participated in different projects as fashion and costume designer. I also won an opportunity to study at Estmod Fashion Institute in Paris for a year. Now my main goal is to launch my own commercial and sustainable brand. 

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