Valentina Kolander

Valentina Kolander

The choice of Ljubljana Fashion Week, Slovenia.

 Faculty of Design Ljubljana

My mother has always told me to get a job that I will be able to do with a smile on my face for the next 40 years. So I did! I can't imagine doing anything, where I would not be able to use my imagination and creativity. I think that fashion is my true vocation. 

The guiding force, that drives me through the entire design process, in addition to the rebellious spirit that is part of my character, is my instinct, which I blindly rely on. I strive to make my creations unique and impossible to reproduce. I never find inspiration in reworking concepts.  I am reluctant to reproduce already existing and processed ideas. I would like to build my own brand, but still, I have to learn a lot.

My Politically Incorrect collection is my critical response to society and fashion. I am critical by nature, especially towards society. Creating my collection I want to speak out my criticism, expressing it in a creative way.  I often make remarks out loud, so I decided to include some words into visual communication. I think this way, these inscriptions are the essential point of my collection, as they represent my thoughts regarding people, fashion and design. The collection is experimental and it is a result of raw instinct. 

Our society came to the point, where anyone who knows how to use social media, i.e. Instagram, can sell their designs and can claim to be a designer. I  believe that the future of fashion is freedom, where emerging designers can produce their own identity without any influences from others. Designers of a new age no longer sell their products, they sell themselves.  

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