Victoria Scripnic

Victoria Scripnic

The 2nd place winner, of ZGeneration YDC 2020, Moldova.

Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts 4 years degree in fashion design

I cannot describe in words how happy I am to participate in the International Young Designer Contest. For me, it is a great achievement. .....I may write 50 times the word HAPPY!!! 

Studying at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts with a degree in fashion design, and then working at Georgette Brand helped me to shape my professional life goals. I aim to launch my own brand someday. For now, I am considering to work for a brand that I am highly inspired by. I believe that established fashion designers, who have successfully expressed their vision through their fashion creations, can inspire me as a designer. 

With my “Introspective Power” collection I try to communicate the message that the best you is the real you. The current collection is inspired by the people who are true to themselves and stick to their own ‘I’ in any situation. I believe that knowing, who you are inside, value and appreciate your true self, is a hundred times better than wearing a false mask. Be yourself! Changing for others will only make you vulnerable!

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