Yelyzaveta Kyrylova & Vladislav Dzividzinskyi

Yelyzaveta Kyrylova & Vladislav Dzividzinskyi

Grand-Prix winner of “Look into the future” national young designers contest, Ukraine.

Liza: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Cinema and TV faculty, Sound ingeneer, 4 years (bachelor) 2015-2019

Vlad: Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Architecture of recreational complexes, bachelor 2007-2012

We are just at the beginning of our fashion career and it already feels like such an achievement to participate in IYDC and represent our country. Winning a Grand-Prix at  “Look into the Future” contest was a major accomplishment for us and a great starting point in the fashion industry.

We aim to make this world a better place. Clothing is our language and a way of communication with the outside world. Through our designs, we can translate our ideas, express our feelings and tell our stories. Fashion is a possibility to integrate various details and forms from different areas of life into one coherent piece of work.

Our current collection under a newly established brand God Naked is called Outro. The concept is based on fear, where a woman is forced to dress herself up and add aggressive accessories in order to feel safer, to cover her body and look less feminine. However, she wants to change! Therefore the collection is about a transformation and personal liberation, that Yelyzaveta has experienced personally in the past. These ideas are transmitted in every detail: the iron mesh facemask is a symbol of a cage where a woman willingly puts herself, but the pearls on the mask represent the tenderness and femininity that she hides deep inside to protect herself from being unwantedly seen and hurt. The brutality and elegance have been combined and juxtaposed throughout the whole collection.

Unfortunately, we think that the future of “physical” fashion is not very bright. Resources for production of natural materials eventually will be depleted. Maybe, it might not happen in our foreseeable future, but our descendants will face all of the aftermaths. They will be living in an online reality, where virtual clothing will prevail over the physical ones.

Moodboard Yelizaveta Kyrylova and Vladyslav Dzividzinskyi