Zaneta Barbarewicz

Zaneta Barbarewicz

The choice of Fashion Designer Awards, Poland.

  1. School of Art and Fashion Designe SAPU, Kraków, degree: Fashion designer, 3 years of education.
  2. Clothing Technical School in Gdańsk, 4 years of education

I feel extremely honoured that I will represent my country at IYDC and that my collection is chosen to be presented on an international level. It is my biggest achievement so farl. 

My inspiration comes from everything that surrounds me, such as myself, travels, nature, people and art. I chose this profession because I want to evoke people’s emotions and pay attention to the message hidden in them.  

4 years at Clothing Technical School in Gdansk and 3 years in the School of Art and Fashion Design in Krakow with a major of Fashion Design lead me to set up my further career plan. I  just have finished my studies, now I’m looking for an opportunity to get some hands-on experience as an intern working for an established and recognized fashion designer. Ideally, I want to find my own niche in the fashion industry and establish my own fashion brand that will produce a unique design available only in several copies. I will put my best efforts and my talent to present my future collections on the catwalks of international fashion shows and I hope my work will be worthy of being  recognized by international fashion media. 

Humer, which stands for Human Error is my graduation collection, which is also a manifesto portraying a modern issue of being entangled in the trap of the mass media. The design of my garments purposely restricts movements and creates a feeling of discomfort. The applied straps and large brass buckles represent the essence of work - a human being trapped inside. The clothes restrain the body of an enslaved victim, who struggles to escape.